Acugraph Digital Meridian Imaging System



A New Patient Assessment and Education Device


dragonbone Holistic Healing Arts is proud to present the AcuGraph meridian imaging device.  This new technology brings acupuncture and patient assessment into the 21st Century.


What is it and how does it work?

Pain-free and no needles.


The Acugraph is a painless test that does not use needles.  The test involves the placement of a small moist cotton tipped probe gently on the skin of the fingers and toes.  The whole procedure lasts about 10 minutes.  The AcuGraph is a type of bio-energetic reading machine.  In other words, it’s a tool that can measure the natural electric field that our bodies produce.  In the 1950’s a Japanese researcher named Dr. Yoshio Nakatani, MD, PhD, combined the idea of traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern electronic measurement.  Dr. Nakatani discovered that traditional Chinese acupuncture points are naturally more electrically active than other areas of the body. Furthermore, it is possible to establish average values for the electrical measurements taken at these points.  The AcuGraph builds on this pioneering work by measuring points on all the 12 traditional acupuncture channels or meridians and then statistically correcting for age and sex.  This allows a detailed and specific set of measurements of all 12 classical acupuncture meridians.


What does that tell us?


Once we have specific measurements for the acupuncture channels, we can apply this information to traditional Chinese medicine theory.  Briefly, in traditional Chinese medicine, the meridian or channels of the body are pathways for energy and blood to travel in.  They are extensions of internal organs, and responsible for allowing the body to function normally.  Disruptions in the flow of energy or blood in the meridians can lead to dysfunction of the internal organs, and dysfunctions of the internal organs leads to changes in the flow of energy and blood in the meridians.  In other words, the meridians have similar functions to what modern medicine would ascribe to the nervous, circulatory, and hormonal systems.


The first set of measurements from the AcuGraph can act like a baseline measurement, telling us which channels have adequate energy, which have low energy, which have excess energy, and if there is a difference from the right to left side of the body.  We can obtain information on imbalances between left and right, upper and lower body, yin and yang, element dominance, spinal level chiropractic subluxations, time of day and energy levels, food and diet recommendations, and overall health.  This can help people understand why for example, he or she is always getting injured on a particular ‘bad side’ of the body, or why it is that he or she is always exhausted at 4pm but wide awake at 4am, or why he or she is having dizziness or vertigo, why he or she feels heavy and tired after eating wheat but great after eating millet or spelt, or why is it that he or she is always needing to be adjusted at the same levels?  As you can see, this is a wide reaching and powerful tool to help us look deeper into possible causes of dysfunction and imbalances in your health.


Once this testing is done, the AcuGraph also offers treatment recommendations for acupuncture, diet, exercise, ear acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and traditional Chinese herbs. 


Is it easy to understand?


One of the most powerful aspects of the AcuGraph is its ability to communicate all of these complex test results in ways that are easily understandable.  Full colour graphs are available for print out to help explain immediate test results, and to act as a historical clinical record, to be compared with to see if any long term patterns can be detected.  One of these graphs offers a total summary of all testing and scores the individuals test out of 100.  This offers a quick assessment of all tests that is easy to understand and quick to compare. As much or as little information the patient wants is available.


Furthermore, the Acugraph also can produce detailed written explanations of test results.  More details are listed here for those people who want in depth analysis of the AcuGraph’s results.


In summary, the AcuGraph offers a quick, painless, and non-invasive means of assessing imbalances in all areas of the body.  These imbalances can be related to physical injuries, diet, emotional disturbances and stress as according to traditional Chinese medicine.  The AcuGraph then offers possible treatment options, and a means of measuring progress.  All the information generated by the AcuGraph is easily understandable in both colour graphs and written forms.  The AcuGraph allows Dr. Rankin to combine the ancient theories of traditional Chinese medicine with 21st century electronics and software for your personal assessment.


When will this tool be available at the clinic?


We are pleased to announce that the AcuGraph digital meridian imaging system is available now.


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